La Pacheca- Spalm is a cooperative association established by two family businesses dedicated to cultivate and export ornamental plants. Located in the south of Alicante, an area with exceptional weather conditions. Our specialty is Mediterranean and Australian flowering plants and palm trees.

We also dispose of a point of sale exclusively created for professionals, with great variety of plants, both indoor and outdoor.

La Pacheca has ten acres dedicated to the production of Jasmine Flower, Wax Flower, Gardenia, Polygala, Bouganvillea, Hydrangea and Dipladenia as varieties most in demand. sPalm grows Phoenix Canariensis, Trachycarpus Fortune and Chamaerops Humilis and have twelve acres for production.

Our main customers are wholesalers and hypermarkets from Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and UK.

  • We have a great production of Dipladenia.
  • Bougainvillea Alexandra production.
  • We have a great production of Dipladenia.
  • Polygala Myrtifolia production.
  • Wax Flower production.
  • Gardenia production.
  • Panoramic view of the Trachycarpus fortunei crop at El Altet’s nursery garden.
  • Weather conditions are optimal for palm tree growing.

If you want to come and visit us, we make it very easy for you, simply select your option and upload it in your preferred navigation system.

La Pacheca

Víctor Martínez García

Tel: +34 968 18 26 33


Joaquín Torregrosa Puig

Tel: +34 609 915 341
Fax: +34 965 96 60 05

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